Samsung Refrigerator Repair and Service

The Samsung Refrigerator service center in Coimbatore has over 15 years of expertise. Our teams consist of skilled and committed engineers. If you need the Samsung refrigerator repairs and services in Coimbatore, call the consultant at SD Electronic. Our main aim is to offer excellent and cordial services to our clients. All our works are done according to your schedule. You can also reach us by contacting our committed service engineer.

Our team fixes all kinds of Samsung fridges from single door fridge, double door fridge, and side by side refrigerator to the ever cool technology refrigerator. Our skilled engineers resolve all problems concerning your icebox in your house.

Major Samsung Fridge issues:

Some of the common problems are low or no power, reduced or no cooling, high or excessive cooling, freezer compartment not functioning, defrosting not functioning, water leakage and no water deplete.

Samsung Fridge Accessories and Genuine Spare Parts:

We have quality spare parts of Samsung refrigerators, gaskets, vegetable box, bottle stand rods, fridge stand, stabilizer for cooling, ice tray, refrigerator cover, ice storage box, freezer containers etc.

Emergency Contact

Feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you at any time in and around Coimbatore.